Spot Light: DocOptic

One thing that every video artist needs is great video content. Fortunately this is something that DocOptic does brilliantly.

DocOptic have been in the VJ industry for many years, and are known for producing top quality VJ content at affordable prices.

They also review VJ software, and provide VJ orientated tutorials on a wide range of topics.

For those just starting out, their VJ Starter-Kit is a brilliant pack to set up with. Just be sure to get the H264 encoded loops for compatability with GoVJ.

We love this pack, because it provides a great base of content to start VJing with that can be mixed within itself, and added to over time.

The kit includes one-shot geometric loops, abstract black & white visuals that can be used as video masks, endless tunnels, waveforms and much more.

They also have a great free loops section as well.

We loaded some of DocOptic's content into GoVJ on an iPad, using iTunes File Sharing just as in our guide here.

As you can see it mixes up a treat!


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