GoVJ version 2.0. A next generation mobile app for live video performance

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Version 1.0

GoVJ is available now. Version 2.0 will be a free upgrade for all existing users of GoVJ.

Buy today and get the latest and greatest as a free update later on.

Meet the developer

Photo: Dave Wood

David Wood, developer of GoVJ, lives with his family in Wellington, New Zealand.

He has developed iOS applications since 2012, and started VJ'ing in 2004.

He loves the immediacy of mobile applications and the potential of computing power we can hold in our hands.

In 2015 he released GoVJ to the world, enabling everyone to perform with video from their iPhone.

What is he building?

Stronger, faster

The next major iteration of GoVJ. Version 2.0 will provide a revised UI, making it even easier for VJs to perform.

The internal video mixing engine is being updated to support Metal, Apple's bare metal graphics processing system. This will provide a base for an expansive set of new effects and filters, and generative effects.

MIDI support will enable connection and control from external hardware controllers. Control via Open Sound Control (OSC) will follow.

All of this, and more will make this release a solid new era for mobile VJing. If you have a feature you'd like to see then please get in touch!


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MIDI Control

Connect and control with your favourite midi controllers

Generative effects

Create visuals straight out of the box

Made with Love

Handcrafted UI and code, with that added ✨

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